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One of the brightest representatives of the "brownies" was a man nicknamed Pepper. According to Arkady, he was directly related to the group that controls the "Sovereign". It was based on strong male hugs and friendly kisses every time he crossed paths with various representatives of the "roof"

He appeared to be in his thirties, short, with dark hair. He always sat at the table with those he knew, and kept the company talking and joking. He himself did not play often, exchanging no more than 200-300 dollars.

Opposite the entrance to the casino was the Carlsberg Bar. The hotel guests were offered a traditional assortment with the addition of "innovations" that are not typical for beer bars of the Soviet era.

This refers to draft imported beer, while in the Soviet Union imported beer was sold exclusively in bottles and was of Czech and German origin. One evening, Arkady was standing at the poker table with the croupier.

A couple of guests had already arrived at the casino, and Pepper, while waiting for his friends, was having dinner, commenting on the game of one of the clients.

But what was dinner! In front of him stood two foamy mugs of the freshest beer with a "cap" and a huge dish of boiled crayfish. (For the uninitiated: entering the casino with your own drinks and especially food is strictly prohibited.) This dinner once again proves Pepper's closeness to certain circles.



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