Ampleri arendustiim kasutab MooMoo Pro Race särki.

Saadaval nii meeste kui ka naiste lõigetena suurustest XS kuni 3XL.

Meie varu on otsas. 2021. aasta juuli 2. nädalal saate oma tellimuse eelnevalt tellida!

Meeskonna trikoo

75,00 €Price
  • This is the most aerodynamic-super-slim-fit bike shirt MooMoo offers, designed for the competitive cyclist up to Pro Tour level. 
    Moomoo has updated the sleeves, using a smoother more aerodynamic material to better cut through the air. They have also reduced the amount of stitching used on the sleeves which improves the comfort and allows the jersey to fit closer to the body.  The back sections take care of the body’s thermoregulation.