About Klubi Cycling Tartu

Klubi Cycling Tartu was founded 2017 as an amateur team to give the U23 level riders (19-22 y.o.) an opportunity to continue to prove themselves as there were no pro teams and opportunities in our region.


First two years were crucial as we had to prove ourselves as a high level team from the beginning by producing results and developing riders for TOP teams... which we did. The first step done, we took bigger goals.


During the 4 years of history in the Team Ampler-Tartu2024 (former Cycling Tartu & Ampler Development Team ) we have had over 100 victories, we have produced 6 riders who have made a step to a higher level team.


We see this as a great result of team's determined work. Our goal is to grow bigger and run a

team capable to win international races.


Rene Mandri


  • Rene, the former successful professional cyclist, is the   engine behind the project.

  •  With his knowledge and enthusiasm all of this got started.

  • Rene's main task is to keep the team on the road and managed the proper way.

Jaan Kirsdipuu

Sports Director

  • Jaan is the Estonian cycling legend, he has won 4 stages in the Tour de France, ridden in the yellow jersey for 7 days and has over 120 pro  wins.


  • He is now devoting his time to develope the future of cycling.

Our values

1. Co-operation - the cycling project for Baltic and Finnish cycling communities at the moment.

2. Education - educating our youth on how great is life by having an active lifestyle.

3. Clean sport - only way to win is trough hard work and dignity.

4. Gender equality - equal chances for both, girls and boys.

5. Green movement - we are rooting for more people to ride bicycles, it's fun and healthy.

6. We care about each other  - we share the road, safety comes first.

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Our previous riders
in a UCI team

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